• The Mitchell Trio Albums "That's The Way It's Gonna Be" and "Violets of Dawn" are released on CD. For many fans finaly a chance to hear music from this part of John's career

  • Guitar manufacturer Taylor, whose guitars John played mainly in the last years, put out a guitar in his memory

  • We start a regular club chat via internet

  • The hedgehog house connected to (as we feel in the meantime) "our" Bird Care Center is dedicated ceremonially

  • Bill Danoff, co-author of "Take Me Home Country Roads", records am album with the songs that he wrote and were then recorded by John

  • Our Weekend takes place in Sinzig for the 10th time

  • "Rocky Mountain Holiday" is released on Video and DVD

  • Near Berlin, Gaby Schech makes an exhibition of her paintings which she was inspired to during our trip the year before. It has the titel "Rocky Mountain High". The paintings are all so beautiful, and they get the consistently positive response by the audience which they deserve

  • Mardy Murie, for whom John wrote "A Song For All Lovers", dies at the age of 101 years

  • The film "Take Me Home" with Chad Lowe as John Denver is released on DVD

  • John's daughter Anna Kate gets married in Summer

  • On New Year's Eve,  3SAT shows parts of the Wildlife Concert

  • On John's 60th birthday, a "birthday concert" with numerous band members takes place in Scottsdale, AZ
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