• Cherry Lane Music published a new great songbook with the title "Poems, Prayers and Promises - The Art And Soul of John Denver". It includes words and music to many familiar songs, photos of and by John, memories from family and friends and as a special surprise a CD with three previously unreleased live tracks. You can read more about the book here.
    • Another great tribute album - this time by Dan Monroe. It is called "Windsongs". You can learn more about it and find a possibility to order it on Dans site.
    • Here is a site on the web where you can download many of John's songs legally. As far as I could see, it costs 1.19 € per title -- you have to once register and then you can go ahead. I didn't try it - if you do, maybe you can report your experiences to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is a lot of other music as well - but here is the link directly to John.

    • This will be intersting especially for those of you who were in Aspen in the Fall - but maybe also for those who always wanted to once go there... ;-)

Colorado Public Radio made a report about the events this October. You can listen to the broadcast on the web - just click here, then go down to "John Denver World Family Gathering", click again.
It can take a while until it is loaded, it's a longer report, about 25 minutes or so... ;-)