Once again happy christmas time and - when you have a quiet hour - check this out... :)
I just found this and thought is was perfect for our Christmas Greetings :)

Merry Christmas to all of you, and all the best for the New Year!!!!

I thought you would enjoy reading this as well... :)
Well, it's been a while since you heard from us - we spent a wonderful vacation in Aspen, then we had our annual Denver Weekend, and then I caught a nasty virus that kept me away from work for a while...
So, now that I can think a little clearer again (I HATE the flu....), I will try and write down the newest things, telegram style...

- In case you are in or around Gelsenkirchen next Saturday (November 10) you should certainly consider going to see Kerstin Siewek's John Denver Benefit Concert - more info is available here: http://kerstinsiewek.de/

- Photos from our Weekend 2012 (and 2011, too) are now to be found on our website as well as on facebook -- in case you have more pictures, please feel free to post or send them... :)

- Aspen was, as already mentioned, a wonderful experience again - we are still busy sorting out impressions and photos

- Big changes have been going on at Windstar since last month. The foundation has been dissolved, the land was put up for sale. There are thourough discussions going on on facebook, in case you would like to have a look, you best do it here: facebook Windstar Foundation or here: facebook Save the Windstar Foundation
A quite good article about it appeared in the Denver Post

- Early next year, a new tribute album for John is due to be released - one source for more info here: John Denver Website and another one here: Aspen Times

- Also being planned is "A Rocky Mountain High Concert" - former band members play, while John appears on a video wall.
Late last night, I receive an email from Teresa in Aspen - this sounds very interesting for all those going to Aspen in October!
"My name is Teresa and I work for the City of Aspen Parks Department. We noticed on the schedule of events for the Aspen in October week, that there is an event scheduled on Thursday, October 11th from 9 - Noon that says "clean up in the Sanctuary". We wanted to clarify that this event will actually be a volunteer opportunity for people to enhance the new gardens at the John Denver Sanctuary which were created this year by the City of Aspen. You can help us plant 2000 bulbs which when they bloom in the Spring of 2013 will be spectacular and further enhance the natural beauty of the sanctuary! This planting will be organized by the City of Aspen Park's Dept. horticulturist Julie Kellams and volunteer coordinator Curtis Griffy whom many of you already know. This will be a fun & productive event and is open to anyone who wants to join. We are looking for at least 30 volunteers and thanks to Curtis we have around 20 already but the more the better! Light snacks & door prizes will be provided. If you are interested in learning more about this exciting volunteer opportunity or to sign up, please contact me at the City of Aspen Parks Dept at email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone # 970-920-5120. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you all soon!

Best Regards,
Teresa Pollock Hackbarth
Office Manager
City of Aspen Parks Dept."

Second news - there is a new John Denver Christmas album... :-)
You can see the cover photo and a track list on our facebook page (should also work when you are not registered with facebook...)
All those who are flying to Aspen, please check back here - there are some new events and some changes have been announced:
Those if you who are thinking about going to the Memorial Concerts with John's band members in Aspen in October and don't have tickets, yet, should go ahead and buy them soon.
There are not soooooo many left.... :-)

Ticket shop
A quick note - just found this about the rededication of the Aspen Sanctuary:
Aspen Times
Feel like celerating Pete Huttlinger's birthday with him?
Well, you can join him once again for an online concert on Friday night. Follow this link:
Ooookay, this time it seems to be for real.
Amazon is offering the John Denver RCA Complete Albums Collection again, and it says "In Stock".
Wanted to wait with this news until this day, not to make a fuss again and in the end everything is cancelled...
Price is $ 149.99
I just read the following on facebook:
There will be a show at The Wheeler Thursday October 11th @ 7:30. This show will feature virtually all the participants in the Friday and Saturday shows, but an entirely different format - casual, laid back and club-like.
We're calling it "John Denver - Stories & Songs" - and will be great fun.
Tickets will be $35, and are scheduled to go on sale on this Monday June 4th.
More details to follow!!!

For further info, please keep an eye on this page
I am passing some infos I received today... :-)
Hello all!  We realize we haven't sent an email out in almost a year (and I'm sure to some of you that's a relief). :)  But there are a few things we wanted to make sure you knew about.

We have our annual show at Swallow Hill in Denver on May 12th at 8pm.  It's a fabulous venue, and we love supporting our local folk community... so if you don't have anything better to do, we'd love to see you there!

Mack is going to be a part of Jim Curry's John Denver Tribute show at Red Rocks on June 7th.  What an exciting stage to grace!!!

Mack is also doing a John Denver Tribute in Pueblo, CO on October 6th with the Pueblo Chamber Orchestra.  So for those of you coming from afar for the Aspen weekend, come a week early and see Mack in Pueblo.

Finally, many of you had asked about pre-sales for the Mack, Chris and Pete show on Oct 14th in Aspen.  And I had responded that they were not doing pre-sales.  Well, that has changed.  So you can now purchase tickets through the website's schedule page (via Paypal). 

We'll try not to stay away too long!  But between Mack's masters program (which is going very well), and Hayden (who is now 18th months old), we have found we are more the busy! :)

All our best, and we hope to see you all down the road.

Mack & Rachel

The website they are referring to is http://www.mackbailey.com

Here's another note from Pete -- In case you have a chance, just join, I did last time, it was so much fun.... :-)))

Howdy Folks, for all those who are interested I'm doing another Stage It concert tonight at 7:00 Central Time. It's a very cool way to see a private concert. Just follow the link to www.stageit.com and they will walk you through the easy process to view it on line.
So sorry for the late notice...
All the best,
Pete Huttlinger www.petehuttlinger.com

After Pete Huttlinger tonight, Chris Nole also announced a StageIt concert for next week -- the time is not too convenient for us here in Europe, but Chris promised he will also soon do a concert at a time which is fitting for us... :-D
In case you would still like to spend the night in front of the com uter or can't sleep, anyway ---- here all details from Chris personally:
Hi there Folks, Friends, & Fans - Spring has Sprung!
....is it me, or did we just kinda skip winter?

  Chris Nole here droppin' by to say a quick 'Hey' and let you know I'll be
playing a show on THURSDAY April 12 2012 - 7pm CT - AT YOUR HOUSE!
I'll be doing my first online show LIVE FROM THE B ROOM on
  Yours truly will be singing and jammin down at my piano for thirty minutes
or so on YOUR computer!

Check out my personal video invite to LIVE from the B Room:

  LIVE FROM THE B ROOM - click here
C'mon by and be a part of my show - there is a live chat box where you
can chime in, comment, etc. - see you there!

NOTE: To my friends in Europe and across the world - I do realize this showtime
may be inconvenient for many of you. I will certainly consider doing other future
online shows geared more towards your time zones. Please e-mail me at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your time and date suggestions!

Keep on groovin' - Chris

After the ones for the Memorial Concerts with John's former band members, the tickets for John Adams' concert on October 14th have also gone on sale early - and this means today!
Tickets are available here:
I am once again passing on a note from Pete to you....  :-D

Howdy Folks;

Ever wonder why I never play in your hometown? Well wonder no more! I will be doing a very special concert this coming April 5th at 8:00PM Central Time. It's on a new platform called Stage It. In this show I will be performing live in your living room directly from my living room. (Don't worry I'll clean up first) If you have a computer, and I'm assuming you do if you are reading this, then simply log on and enjoy.
The best part about this concert is that if you don't want to pay you don't have to. But if you do want to pay then simply pay what you think I'm worth. (No jokes Please!) Also, you can interact with each other while the concert is happening and you can request tunes that you would like to hear.
Just go to the following link to check it out.


Hope to "See" you there.

A note which is important especially for those who will travel to Aspen this October - because of the big interest in the concerts, tickets for the memorial concerts will go on sale on April 2nd already, 11 am Aspen time.
Tickets can be purchased from 1-970-920-5770 at the Wheeler Box Office or online @
Ticket sales for the first events in Aspen in October has started!
Please check out this site
I received the attached info about another John Denver Tribute concert this Summer from Judy -- thank you!!!!
Tickets go on sale today......
A few infos about the concerts at the Wheeler in October - Ticket sales for the John Adams concert will start on May 1st, and for the 15th Tribute Concerts on June 1st.
Tickets are available by phone from the Wheeler Opera House, (001)-970-920-5770 or via internet www.aspenshowtix.com
Here's news about John Denver Week - the dates for the Wheeler Memorial Concerts have been announced -- October 12. and 13.  - it looks like this will be the final concerts in this form ...

and - a Yahoo Group has been set up to share and spread info, get in touch about sharing cars and hotel rooms etc. In case you would like to become a member of the group, email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. please.
The English John Denver Club "Friends of John Denver" is planning to once again organize a bus tour to the events in Aspen in October -- I thought maybe somebody on our mailing list may be interested in joining?

So, here's the details and contact info:

"Please note that if you wish to join the Friends of John Denver bus trip for this October’s 15th annual tribute events in Aspen, you need to register with Allison by 31st January.  We need confirmed numbers by the end of the month to be able to book the coach and make other necessary arrangements.  The trip can only go ahead if we have sufficient numbers to fill the coach, so if you want to go sign up now!  Allison can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "

Please get in touch with Allison directly!
Since so many seem to be planning to go to Aspen this year, I have put together some information "Aspen in October for Beginners" on our website.

Hope it helps those who would like to go.... :-)

I set up an "Aspen in October" page on our website in both German and English (if necessary, you can switch the language using the little flags up on the right in the header)
I will add info there as it comes in.