• We write the review about the first 20 years

  • The newsletter covers become colored – first just on the occasion of the anniversary

  • We support the Wild Bird Care Center Kirchwald for the first time

  • "Autograph" is finally released on CD

  • The John Denver Peace Cloth is shown at the UN

  • "An Evening With John Denver" is rereleased with additional tracks

  • The efforts to suggest John for a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys are continued

  • We start the series "20 years ago"

  • Another new CD – "Sing Australia"

  • RCA gives numerous belated gold and platin albums to John

  • For the first time, we do have a "getting-to-know-each-other-day" East

  • "Country Roads" is, in the version of the Hermes House Band, THE Summer hit in Germany

  • On our Weekend, we all became film directors – and we enlarge the Peace Cloth with another piece

  • And last not least still another album – "Christmas In Concert"
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